Friday, January 19, 2007

Okay...Panic Attack eased

I was in a panic. After thinking about it and emailing Basebal Knitter, I realized that I am doing Project Spectrum without realizing it. How's that for working out?

The new sock on the needles contains grey. The colors for Project Spectrum for February and March are blue, white and grey. So, new socks contain grey (and black) and the new cat bed that will soon be cast on is blue (with some green). I'm doing it and not even realizing it!

Pictures to come soon. :)


Beth said...

I'm glad your panic attack has passed! Are you planning to include the boys in any Project Spectrum plans? My boys are really looking forward to some crafting time. We had a great time in A.C. Moore coming up with ideas.

My middle son would love me forever if I knit a cat bed but I don't see it in my future. We have a top loader and it's not really possible to do felting at home. I'm really anxious to see your cat bed.

Pensguys said...

No, the boys and I don't have any plans to do this together. I'm the anti-craft mom. :( That is why they take science and art through our co-op. ;)

Beth said...

I'm not very crafty with my boys either but they really like it when we do things together. This is something I'm forcing myself to do. Julie, of At My Hearth, and I are going to start a blog for the children of Project Spectrum. It might be fun.

If you decide to do anything with the boys or think they might like to participate in a post card/card exchange, let me know.

Beth said...

Hey Penny!
Where are you? I miss you. How about a little update?