Friday, January 19, 2007

I need to stop and think....

I get all excited with all these PLANS, but then I start to feel enslaved. Enslavement in the name of Project Spectrum. I quit. :) I want to knit what color I want, when I want. I'm pretty organized and thought Project Spectrum would bring some organization to my knitting, but I've decided my new rule about knitting is THERE ARE NO RULES.

Gosh, I feel better!

Now on to knit things that make me happy.

I frogged a dishcloth today. It felt good! I was trying a first ever cable. It went nicely. I was about half way finished with the dishcloth and had the hang of the cable. Knitting the cloth was making me feel like I was burdened. So I frogged it. I was only doing it to learn the technique. I feel pretty good about it and now I won't be afraid of least not simple cables.

Like Zoomom, I'm putting the French Silk Socks from Vintage Sock Knitting aside. I was putting of knitting on them because I was not having fun. Now, I'm looking toward a new sock for the time being. I'll probably come back to the French socks next time....we'll see. I see to be ADDING to the UFOs instead of diminishing them...Oh, well, I have a year!


Beth said...

Knitting is supposed to be fun - at least most of the time. I'm glad to hear that you're putting the Fancy Silk Sock aside if it's not working for you.

I know what you mean about feeling enslaved. Sometimes participating in too many groups or KALs or whatever can feel like a noose. Personally, I love the idea of Project Spectrum. The boys and I have big plans and I like how it's helping me to organize my knitting. If it's not working for you, though, it's not working.

I hope you find a project that you LOVE very soon.

Julie in Texas said...

I frogged the mid Jan dishcloth kal myself. I hated the pattern. It was just too bumpy/lumpy. Who want to block a dishcloth everytime they wash it??

I found your blog through baseball knitter.

Have a great day!

Pensguys said...

Thanks for stopping by, Julie!