Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The month of pink

In my last post I commented that I did not buy any new yarn because of what I had already bought and what would be coming this month from my yarn clubs. I've received these in the past few days. Thankfully (am I really saying that?) no more yarn will be coming until mid-May.

These first two skeins are from Zen Yarn Garden. Top picture is Abloom and bottom picture is Pinata. These are from the new Colour Burst Series. I did buy these and they are not a part of all my club yarns. I couldn't resist though.

This yarn is from the Yarn Pirate Sock Club. I wanted to try it out. You subscribe for 3 months at a time and can unsubscribe at any time so you won't receive yarn after the 3 month period is up. This month's yarn is called Sweet Lime. I'm not sure I'm too crazy about it, but I'm going to keep it for awhile and see if it grows on me. It isn't anything I would normally buy for myself (or any others I know of other than Zoomom ) so we'll see.

This is the April shipment for the Zen Yarn Garden Harmony Semi-solid club. The colorway is Rambling Rose. Again, I don't think I would have picked this out to buy. I only have two more months of this sock club. I wish this club would be spread out over the year like the Socks That Rock Club instead of a skein per month. Maybe I'll suggest it to Roxanne.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Reason #1 why I did not buy yarn in Atlanta.....

As much as I WANTED to by yarn at Knitch in Atlanta last weekend, I was held back remembering my recent stash enhancements:

There are 4 skeins of STR Raven colors, several skeins of "other" Socks That Rock colors such as Purple Rain, Just Right Red, Jasper and Tanzanite, some Zen Yarn Garden, and Yarn Pirate.

And then....I just couldn't resist getting the new Lorna's Laces Grumperina colorway.

And if that isn't enough....two more skeins of Zen Yarn Garden are making their way to me as well as my Zen Yarn Garden monthly club skein.

Needless to say....I'm now on YARN restriction!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I didn't know we'd make the news!!!

While I was standing in front of the line holding my and Meredith's places, she was off becoming famous! ;) Here's an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution about the Yarn Harlot's visit and about knitting being so popular.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Yarn Harlot Trip

The Yarn Harlot came to Atlanta. There were several from my area that were going to travel over to see her. It turns out that not as many went as had intended to go. I was EXTREMELY excited about going since I didn't get to go in September when she was here and nothing or no one was going to stop me from going. I decided that even if no one I knew was going, I'm a big girl and can have fun all by myself...after all, an afternoon with the Yarn Harlot, my knitting, and a latte (or two) makes for loads of fun. ;)

Popeye and the Sweet Peas decided they wanted to go see the Atlanta Braves play so we journeyed together.

EVERYTHING worked out perfectly....location, time, everything! The Braves' stadium was literally only 5 miles away from where the Yarn Harlot was going to speak. Popeye made it possible for me to arrive with plenty of time to spare. The guys let me out at Hilan Theatre. Too bad the Starbucks isn't there anymore. :( (But I made do. ;) ) I walked up the street and around the corner to Knitch...the yarn shop hosting the event.

This is the first floor fiber stash. LOTS more goodies there than what I took pictures of.

A picture of just SOME of the goodies upstairs. I meant to get a picture of the rovings but I was so in awe of everything and trying to take everything in, that I forgot.

I made just a small purchase or two (I resisted the yarn...I have my reasons which shall be divulged in a day or so).

I decided to walk down the street in search of a latte and something to eat. I found the Belly. My turkey sandwich was to DIE for! Homemade bread, tasty veggies (even thinly sliced cucumbers) on my sandwich with spicy mustard...and my latte (the first and second one) was WONDERFUL.

I decided it was time to take my sandwich and walk back down to the theater and get in line. I knew it was probably too early to start getting lined up but when I got there, there were 5 other women already at the door. I figured "why not". I got here early so I could get a good seat so I might as well take advantage of it. Soon thereafter, more and more (mostly) ladies were lining up. I had arranged to meet up with someone from my area. She wasn't quite to Atlanta yet. So I told her I would save her a place in line so we could sit together.

Here we are (I'm on the left, Meredith is on the right...terrible picture of me)

The Knitch ladies let us into the entrance to the theater. This is just a PART of the crowd.

After we were allowed to go in at 1pm, we were greeted with these displays:

(My camera did NOT like the lighting in this place.) This is just PART of the crowd on the bottom floor. There is an upstairs that was full. Oh, we were sitting on the 2nd row...I could have gotten on the first row, but figured 2nd was fine enough.

This was Georgia's largest knit in so while we were all knitting and waiting for Stephanie to come out, there was a raffle. The proceeds from the raffle went to Doctors without Borders. Unfortunately, I didn't win anything, but it went to a good cause. Three more tickets and I would have won some really nice yarn (live and learn).

It was finally time and the Yarn Harlot came out to take her blog pictures and give us her speech. (These are REALLY dark but I think you can make her out if you squint hard.)

Afterwards, she did a Q&A which was as fun as her giving her speech. Then they had the book signing. Those who were disabled, pregnant, had a baby on the outside of their body or traveled more than an hour to get there, got to go first. One of those categories fit me....the over-an-hour-drive one. :D

I showed my sock Stephanie as she was signing books. ;)

And then I held the Harlot's knitting while she held mine. I was so giddy with excitement and caffeine. She is SO nice and such a down to earth person. I think she would be a great person to be around on a regular basis. It is a day I won't soon forget.