Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just a bigger blob

That is what the Kitty Pi looks like.

And the current progress on the Monkey socks is here. I'm about half finished with the heel flaps.

You can see the pattern much better in this picture.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Yarn for sale

I don't make a habit out of posting yarn for sale on my blog, but I'm ready to be released from this yarn. It is easier to post pictures here than on

Cascade Fixation
#947 Carnival - one ball - $4 postage paid by me

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Nothing new to say....

The Monkey socks and Kitty Pi are just longer/bigger. I've been knitting a little more than when I was sick and not knitting anything though. I ended up with bronchitis and now I'm almost fully well. More to report later, hopefully.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Pictures as promised

I'm sort of unofficially following along with Project Spectrum. It just so happens that two of my current projects fall within the color categories: blue and grey.

Kitty Pi

I don't know the name of this yarn NOR where I purchased it. I could probably scrounge around and find it in my Favorites, but you really don't want any. Originally, I bought this yarn to use to knit a bag. (What IS it with me and these bags???) I needed bulky yarn. I loved the colors so I purchased some (I don't know how much since they hanks don't really resemble hanks.). The bag never came about, so I thought this would be good use of the stash to knit a kitty bed. The pattern calls for bulky yarn. This yarn goes from bulky to almost DK or fingering weight! Thank GOODNESS this bed will be felted. I couldn't imagine knitting anything with this yarn that wouldn't be.

Monkey socks

Yes, they are mostly black with a hint of grey. (That qualifies, right?) This is Claudia Hand Painted Yarn in Ink. I LOVE this yarn! Granted, I have not washed anything knit with this yet, so I'm hoping it holds up as well as my fav Lorna's Laces does. If it does, then it will be HIGH on my list of favorite sock yarns.

UFO frogged

Keeping my promise, I frogged another project. :) I guess the half finished dishcloth for Jan would count as a UFO. It would have sat around and languished anyway. It wasn't fun.

But tonight, my UFO for February was done.

Presenting before:

and After:

Once upon a time, this was going to be a Booga Bag. The yarn is Noro Kureyon. It isn't very soft to knit with so I will probably try to sell it. A Booga Bag isn't in my future for this year. I don't really care to have one so who knows if I'll ever make one.