Sunday, December 31, 2006

Knit from your Stash 2007 and my knitting goals

1. No more sock yarn purchases. Exceptions: yarn for Sweet Pea #1’s socks that I’ve promised him and if I wish to knit socks as a gift and don’t have appropriate color

2. I will knit each boy at least one pair of socks. If they take care of these, then I will knit them at least another pair.

3. I will knit each boy and Popeye a skull cap. Popeye’s head is getting cold at night, so he needs a cap. The hats I knit last year for the boys are fine, but they have decided they look like girls, so they want “boy” hats now.

4. I will knit two shawls. The yarn is just waiting for me to start knitting.

5. If I take a class at my local yarn store, then I will be allowed to purchase the yarn for that project, so I can be supportive of my local retailer.

6. I want to knit a sweater for myself and if that goes well, then I will allow myself the yarn for ONE other sweater. I MAY even knit a sweater for the Sweet Peas…..or maybe Popeye…the boys grow so fast and time is limited. At least dh will stay relatively the same size. Yarn purchases for this will be allowed since it is a “gift”.

7. I am allowed to buy yarn to knit items for gifts. I will first check my stash to see if there is anything that will work before buying.

8. I have much cotton yarn for dishcloths that I plan to knit with at least once per month.

9. I can buy yarn on out of town trips to not-so-local yarn stores. We don’t go out of town but a few times per year, so this won’t be excessive.

10. I will finish the UFOs that I have started (baby blanket for friend, Sideways socks for myself). I usually stay pretty monogamous to my projects, but I got bored with the blanket and procrastinated on the socks because they are difficult.)

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