Monday, January 01, 2007

First completed project of 2007

I finished Popeye's cap tonight. I started it last night and got about half way finished, then had time to finish it up tonight.

I love this swirly design in the crown where I decreased.

The model was asleep so I had to pose.

Stats for the project include:

Pattern is Knit 'Shortie'.

Yarn is from my stash....Cascade 220 in Charcoal Gray.

Modifications: I made it a little longer by adding in about 3 extra rows before the decreases. I also did one extra row of decreases at the end leaving 4 stitches befoer I brought tail yarn through and sewed in the end. I did not change to the size 8 dpns, but knit it in size 7 circular until it was hard to knit, then changed to size 6 dpns.

I'll be using the same pattern for the caps for the boys. It will be longer on them, which is what they want.


Sheila said...

Whoa that was fast! I have to do some new hats for the boys to match new coats. That looks like a good one to use.
They still wear their long hats but they need something they can stuff in a pocket.

Pensguys said...

Yeah, Me! Aren't you proud of me? :)

My boys say they look like girls with the long hats on, so they wanted new ones....don't know what I'll do with them except to keep them as "my first ever hand knit items".