Sunday, December 31, 2006

It's raining yarn!

All of my current procurements are coming in at once!

First there was an order from Elann.

Both of these yarns will be shawls sometime in the new year. The cranberry/brownish yarn is Peruvian Baby Silk in Oxblood. The purple one is Peruvian Baby Cashmere in Mulled Grape.

Then there came a package from Angelika's Yarn Store

This is all Lorna's Laces and the colors are (left to right) Cranberry, Black Pearl, Pewter and Brick.

Lo, and behold, there came THE package. THIS is the surprise I had been waiting for from the Sundara Petals Collection.

Isn't that just like a perfect gift? All fancy with tissue paper, clear bags, and patterns on NICE heavyweight cardstock.

The flower is a Lenten Rose, also known by the Latin name for the genus, Helleborus, and is sometimes called Christmas Rose. They bloom in the depths of winter.

After my trip this weekend, of which I've previous shared my yarn purchases, I was greeted with this package. I will blame Baseball Knitter for this purchase since she linked me to a website with a nice sale going on. ;)

(Left to right) Lorna's Laces Pioneer, Chinablue, Mineshaft
J.Knits Hand-dyed Tampa and West Virginia

I think sock yarn shopping has now officially come to a halt (with one exception for Sweet Pea #1's sock yarn). I will ONLY buy more sock yarn in 2007 if I intend to make a pair of socks as a gift and I don't have a colorway I think that person will like.

I had intended to purchase the yarn for the sweater I want to knit this year before 2007, but I will give myself permission to buy that yarn when I get ready for the sweater. I'm afraid I may change my mind on the color when that time gets here. For now, I'm writing my knitting project list and will post it soon.


Beth said...

I love, love, love the yarn! All of it! It's nice to see some solids and semi-solids in there. The variegated yarn is so nice but the solids really have a place in some of the more complicated patterns.

I look forward to seeing your project list. That's something I need to put into writing myself. Right now it's just percolating in my head.

Ah ... such yarny goodness. Makes me want to smell it all.

Tune in tomorrow to see what I bought at my LYS sale today.

Beth said...

I can't find your swift picture. I'd love to see it but I don't know anyone handy enough to make one.

I think I may have to break down and buy one.

I'm so glad you joined the Vintage Socks KAL. Which yarn did you choose?