Monday, November 02, 2009

Race pix

I needed a place to put these picture from my first half marathon. :)

Me in pink

I'm in the back row in pink. I should have moved, but didn't know how many were in front.

My shirt and medal


My first half marathon medal!!!


Gail said...

Woohoo1 Congratulations!

Pensguys said...

Thanks, Gail!!! I (obviously) haven't been updating my blog and haven't had the urge to do so. I was needing to put these somewhere so I could post them on Ravelry. :)

Rosemary said...

I am seriously impressed!!! I couldn't run to the end of the block and you ran MILES! Way to go!!!

Pensguys said...

Thanks, Rosemary!!! :) I started running in May and, believe me, in May one-half mile was HARD!!!

Charlotte said...

CONGRATS on your first half!! You look great! I love hot pink:)

Pensguys said...

Thanks Charlotte! :) I'm training now for my 2nd one in March 2010.