Monday, January 07, 2008

New knitting for the new year

I've finished my first two projects of 2008. I'm itching to get back to socks now though.

This is Jack. Jack is wearing a cat sweater that I knit for him. I did my first steeking on this sweater for the paw holes. He is singing the praises of his "Mama" for such a great job!

Another shot of Jack in his sweater. He doesn't mind putting the sweater on too much, but he knows exactly how to get out of it as soon as he can get away. It was nice to put some acrylic and extra yarn to use.

This is another coffee cup cozy from the pattern in Interweave Knits Holiday Knits. I used Paton's SWS Soy/Wool which is the same yarn I used down below for Popeye's cozy.


Moni said...

Hi Penny
Oh that is SO CUTE
I love the Kitty Sweater :-)

and the Coffee Cozy is a grand idea! I hadn't seen those before :-)

keep up the Knitting
Don't let schooling get in the way too much :-)

Pensguys said...

Thanks! :) I try to keep it balanced! ;)

GailV said...

You can't go wrong with such a handsome model!

Pensguys said...

LOL!!! Thanks, Gail.

Beth said...

I can NOT believe that you put a sweater on your cat and lived. I can't show my boys this picture or they might get ideas.

I love those mug cozies. They're in my queue. We'll see if I ever get to them.

Pat said...

I'm glad I saw the steeks you did-good job! I tried to find you on Ravelry, and finally ran across your name--this only took me 30 minutes. I tried to find Sheila, too, 'cause I had a question after class, but darn if I can remember now what it was! So can you tell me her blog name/email address?

BTW, I like your coffee cozies!
Tinkerbell, a.k.a., Pat

KathyJo said...

If I tried that with my cat, I think I'd be risking stitches of another sort. :D

Rosemary said...

I showed my big boy cat, Domino, this picture and I hate to tell you, but he laughed. But, he won't laugh in your guy's face or bully him or anything because, as you know, Domino is homeschooled... lol.

Honestly, you are a brave woman and I applaud your creativity! A cat sweater! You Rock!

I love the coffee cup cozy - mind if I steal your idea? I have a gift giving occasion coming up and I was thinking...