Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh, my daaarrrrlin' Clementine

You were lost and gone forever; Dreadful sorry, Clementine......

I had almost given up on the old girl, but somehow she made the love flow again. Enough so that even though I had planned to put her away until mid-winter to finish, I decided to work a little each night and dedicate Saturdays only to her. I've completed one side of the shawl (on the right) and the left side is getting there...sssslllloooowwwlllyyy. We're close....only 31 repeats left. Then comes the the Kitchener to join them. I'm NOT looking forward to THAT. AND this will be my FIRST time to block something (other than just laying out a pair of socks to dry).

A closer view of the pattern...very nice I think.

And ALSO on the needles......

Chevron Scarf

I'm using a skein of Socks That Rock (on the right) and a skein of Cherry Tree Hill. Older son helped me pick out the color combo and I'm very happy with it. He has now claimed himself my official "knitting assistant".

Hark! What is that I'm starting to feel......could it be the CALL of socks?????? Oh yeah, baby! ESPECIALLY after seeing Zoomom's Hope socks.

Stay tuned....and I PROMISE to try to blog and update with pictures more often.


Carolyn said...

Clementine is sure pretty. I'm glad she's been added to the cast of finished projects.

Is the Chevron Scarf the one from WrapStyle?

tiennieknits said...

Clementine is very pretty and the chevron is looking great!

Beth said...

Looking good!! Nice to see you've found some mojo again.

I'll believe the sock siren call when I see an actual sock.

Jan said...

Clementine is very nice, and I love the chevron scarf. That yarn is fabulous!

Sorry I didn't respond to your comment on my blog earlier this week, Pensguys! I have been so sick this week, I could barely hold my head up.