Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Heels! I have heels!

Here is a picture of my first short row heels. (Sorry it is sort of blurry.) I think I sort of like doing these this way. Zoomom said she is going to play around with a toe-up heel flap. Once I try that, I'll decide which heel I like best. I'd like to try Eye of Partridge heel sometime too.


Sheila said...

I have finished my monumental tinking. Now I can start again.
I had a change of plan...my sock will be a gift to Mom. She has skinny legs so she won't need the heel shaping.
With any luck, I'll have a new pair of scoks on the needls when I see you Tuesday.

Now, I expect to see some progress tomorrow.

Beth said...

testing again

Beth said...

I can comment!!!

Pensguys said...


Cassandra said...

I really like the colors of those socks! Great choice!