Saturday, December 23, 2006

Binge.....and purge

*Disclaimer: This post is not making fun of the serious condition in which some people suffer.

I am following in the shoes of many in the blog-o-sphere. I will be going on a "yarn diet" this year and knitting from my stash. I have not solidified my rules as of yet, but I have a few in mind as you'll find out as you keep reading.

I have been binging on yarn the past few days and there is more on order. As of last count, I have enough sock yarn to make eighteen pair of socks. I have enough on order for 4 more pair. Sock yarn is my latest obsession. I will admit though that there is some yarn in my current stash which I will try to sell or end up giving away. I really don't care for some of it. It is not pleasant to knit with.

I have other yarn in my stash that is for a shawl and I have another order coming for two other shawls. I gave a feeble attempt to the first shawl, but I hope to practice on a slightly less difficult shawl when my order comes in, so that I will be able to tackle the harder pattern.

I will be knitting my boys at least one pair of socks this year. I will choose Lion Brand for these until I see how they treat those socks. I already have yarn for a pair for J#2, but I will purchase the skein needed for J#1's socks.

Other than that one purchase, I intend on not purchasing any more yarn after Jan 1. If I take a class at my local yarn store, then I will be allowed to purchase the yarn for that. I am even going to try to limit my sock yarn purchases, although I will allow myself to "fall off the wagon" twice. In the past, I have bought sock yarn just "willy nilly" with no thought as to the colors I normally wear. I have taken that into consideration during this latest yarn binge.

I mentioned joining the Sundara yarn club so I will have yarn for 3 other pair of socks to come in too. I can't wait to receive that package. My first surprise yarn and pattern should arrive next week.

I want to knit a sweater in 2007, so I will be placing an order for the yarn for that some time this next week. A nice friend is sending me samples of the yarn I'm thinking of using for the sweater. If this sweater goes well, then I will allow myself the yarn for ONE other sweater.

I am allowed to buy yarn to knit items for gifts. I will first check my stash to see if there is anything that will work before buying. I have much cotton yarn for dishcloths that I plan to knit with at least once per month. I joined a dishcloth knit-a-long where I received part of a pattern each day for 10 days. It was fun not knowing how it was going to turn out.

Pictures of my latest purchases

Are you curious? I like how this yarn was packaged.

(Sorry for such a blurry pic) Can you tell where I ordered this?

The Loopy Ewe

Here is what was inside:

From left to right: Fleece Artist 100% Merino in Ebony, Claudia Handpainted Merino in Ink, Cherry Tree Hill Merino in Northern Lights

This is what I bought today at my LYS.

These are all Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarns. Listed from top to bottom: Aslan, Tuscany, Denim

Another shot of the Aslan...I love the subtle shades in this yarn. It screams soft and lacy to me, so that is what it shall be...Stay tuned for future pictures of this yarn.

One last exception to the rules will be if I am gifted any yarn or gift certificates for yarn.

One of my goals for 2007 is to finish any UFOs (Un Finished Objects). I know that that isn't how it goes for most knitters, but it really bothers me knowing I have these unfinished projects. They hang over me and linger in the back of my mind calling to me! Luckily, I only have two or three of these. These may be my spring projects since I don't wear many socks during the summer here, so I can finish the UFOs, then get back to working on socks for the Fall.

Do you have any knitting goals for the new year?


Sheila said...

I have all those LL yarns. LOL The denim is what I'm using for my sisters socks.
Or course, you are tempting me with that cherry hill. Thankfully, Valentines day will be coming soon and my hubby knows I would appreciate sock yarn more than roses.
See...I have a plan!
And speaking of UFO' and brown UFO's with little cat paws. I expect to see these after Christmas

Pensguys said...

Oh, yes! The little cat paws will be finished tonight (or at the latest tomorrow afternoon). I have to wrap presents tonight since I've put that off almost as long as I can! LOL

Beth said...

It's so nice to see a post from you. I'm eagerly awaiting an update on those socks.

I was telling Zoomom that my MIL gave me $300 for Christmas to spend on yarn!! She gave dh the same amount to spend how he saw fit. Dh is going to buy a new DVD player with a portion of his money and when I offered him a portion of mine he turned me down.

MIL insists that the money be spent soley on me and she wanted to know my intentions. I promised her I'd spend it on yarn. Oh, what a burden!

I'm scouring the sales now and I plan to do at least some shopping this weekend.

Don't you just love The Loopy Ewe? Sheri makes every purchase feel like a gift. Some of my money must be spent there. I'm thinking Yarn Pirate or Sweet Georgia. I love all the yarn you got. Beautiful!

Best of luck with your Cherry Tree Hill. Would you believe that at the end of the cuff of my second 2nd Dublin Bay sock I found a knot! I'm holding my breath and praying there are no more knots. Maybe it's just this colorway.

Merry Christmas!

Carolyn said...

Knitting goals for the New Year? I wish I could knit from my stash for a while, but I don't have that kind of stash. Too many partials, not enough yardage.

In 2007, I want to knit at least 2 things destined for Noble Minded Projects - probably scarves, hats, mittens, and the like.

I also want to knit something that, to the normal eye, will be indistinguishable from the Unst Lace Stole in Heirloom Knitting. I reserve the right to change every single pattern in the Stole, as suits me, but something like it is going to get knit.

I think, I think, I'll also make it a goal to knit a cozy sweater or cardigan for myself. My current cozy cardigan is aboug 14 years old, and the elbows are starting to get a bit thin.

Pensguys said...

Carolyn, the only yarn I seem to have stashed is sock yarn and dishcloth yarn. Those will be easy to knit from...although Zoomom told me today that our LYS will soon be carrying Opal! Other yarn that I've bought for projects, but changed my mind will be sold or I'll use it for a different project. Sometime I wonder, WHAT in the WORLD was I doing when I chose that yarn!

Beth, WHAT a problem you have! Oh MY!!! I could do some serious damage with $300! What FUN!

Half way finished with last pattern repeat....but present wrapping shall ensue when I finish the repeat before ribbing can start.

Jennifer said...

I am also on yarn restriction. I just came back from Michigan where I went to the LYS twice and Hobby Lobby twice and all four times came out with a bag of yarn. But come on....nomally 7.50 a skein was on sale for 2.99 a skein. Therefore, I have two prayer shawls waiting to be made. So many projects waiting for me now. Of course, this yarn restriction will probably only last until my next trip to the LYS!

Pensguys said...

Yeah, Jennifer, I hear ya! I'm already thinking...what if I go back to my SILs in NC? I KNOW I will before 2007 is over...and I would love to buy something else from there.