Friday, May 09, 2008

FINALLY finished and a few WIP

I FINALLY finished the Hedera socks...and hopefully my SIL won't read my blog before she has a chance to receive them. They are drying now.

Thanks goes to Sweet Pea 2 for being my model. My feet are too large for these socks. I did NOT enjoy knitting this pattern. Zoomom loved it, but I had SUCH a hard time memorizing lines one and three of the pattern. It did make it easier after she drew me a chart, but I will never knit these socks again. Thankfully, I know my SIL will like them since she is a part-time knitter and knows what goes into projects like this.

A few other things on the list are in progress. I'll have lots of knitting time this weekend so I hope to finish these socks.

These are mystery socks from the Soctopia group on Ravelry. I don't think the pattern is online anywhere except on Ravelry so I can't link it. I have 1/2 of a sock left to go.

Also going on is a new sock barely started.

This is Brigit and it is a surprise for someone I can't say since she may read my blog. Pattern only available on Ravelry.

I do have a lace scarf started but only 4 rows of garter is not anything to show. My Chevron scarf is coming right along too with only 25 inches left to go. I was hoping to finish it this weekend too, but we'll see. If not, it is good baseball knitting whereas Brigit and lace are not.

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tiennieknits said...

Those are pretty socks!!