Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Meow, meow

I finished another Kitty Pi last night and felted it today.

This one is for the little princess aka Cheerio who appears to be shy in this picture.

Jack decides to try Cheerio's bed on for size. I think it fits him better.

This bed was knit with two skeins of Lamb's Pride Bulky and I used some Fun Fur Prints by Lion Brand to top it off. I may send it through another cycle of the wash since the stitches aren't all the way felted. You can still see the stitch definition a little more than I like.

Now on the needles are two toes. I have the toes completed for a pair of socks and I will get back to swatching some lace which the little devils above (oops! Did I say that?) took off my needles during their midnight escapades.


Beth said...

I love those Kitty Pis and wish I could knit one for my boys. Alas, the huge needles and big yarn would kill my Carpal Tunnel. Your kitties look so warm and cozy. What a great mama they have!

Pensguys said...

Thanks! :) I can't believe how they take right to them! I "found" Cheerio lying in hers late last night.

Stefany said...

Those are adorable! I can already feel a new project forming in my head. :)