Thursday, March 01, 2007

The hat

It's complete! This is Sweet Pea #1s cap he wanted me to knit him. He decided he didn't like the hat I knit for him two Falls ago, so I knit this one for him...just in time for Spring! ;)

Sweet Pea #2 says he doesn't want a hat, so I'll put off knitting his until late summer/early fall.

This is the same pattern I used before for Popeye's hat. It is called Knit Shortie. I used Cotton Fleece (80% Cotton, 20% Merino Wool) by Brown Sheep Wool in Black Forest CW-145.


Sheila said...

I like the pinwheel top on this hat.
I'll have to get that pattern from you because I really like the shape of this hat.

Mrs. U said...

Wow, this is lovely!! You are very good knitter!!! I can crochet some, but knitting is just so much more elegant, I think.

I enjoyed looking at your socks, too!!

Mrs. U

Pensguys said...

Thanks for looking, Mrs. U.