Saturday, March 17, 2007


That was the timer. Did you hear it ring?

Kitty Pi is DONE and is loved by all the furry babies around here as you'll see below.

This is Jack. He loved the Kitty Pi even before it was cooked (felted). He slept on it quite a bit last night.

Kitty Pi all "baked".

Jack enjoying his Kitty Pi.

Cheerio enjoys a slice of the Pi.

Jack wanting the Pi all to himself

Jazz seeing if he can fit

Looks like more Kitty Pi is in my future!

As for the details, I don't have many. I don't remember the name or brand of the yarn I used. Just some bulky wool something I got online. It wasn't plied so was more like maybe a navajo ply? Really thick in some places and really thin in others. I used size 11 circular for knitting and used the pattern from here. This was my brainless project that traveled around in my purse/knitting bag. The eyelash yarn is Lionbrand.


Beth said...

Lovely kitty Pi and all your kitties look so happy. Well maybe the big boy isn't so happy but everyone else looks snug as a bug.

Isn't it great to have one project crossed off your list?

tiennieknits said...

Looks like you have a winner with Kitty Pi! They sure have showed their approval!

Sheila said...

Aw I'll have to knit one. That's pretty cool.
Mango would totally love that thing. I think I have some Mango coloered cascade to use also.
She'd eat that eyelash yarn though.
Max is way to cool for a cat bed.

Pensguys said...

Oh, Max might surprise you! I never thought Jazz would want to sit in it! LOL

Crafty Critter said...

Your cats and Kitty Pi are so cute! I love how the cats took right to it and made themselves comfortable.