Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ribbit, Ribbit

That is what is happening on sock #2. No, I'm not making the deadline for my friend's birthday. And even though I THOUGHT I followed the directions, it will be too long for her foot. fits mine. ;) So, I'll be working backwards for another row or so and then maybe some forward progress.


Beth said...

You can do it, Penny!!!

Seriously ... don't you just hate having to go backwards in your knitting. Yesterday, I started a new sock. I cast on with the recommended needles with the recommended number of stitches and even got gauge but the sock was huge. It kept sliding down my leg.

So sadly, I ripped it all out, cast on with smaller needles and I'm getting nowhere close to gauge but I think it will work out. It's always aggravating to me until I get at least to the point that I had to rip at.

Get that second sock done!! You'll be happy when you do.

Pensguys said...

Thanks, Beth! I finally have forward progress again. I ended up ripping back to the cuff and re-doing the heel flap too. Something was bugging me about it, but I'm happy with it now, so I don't feel sad about the ripping. I turned the heel last night so I'll be starting on the gusset this afternoon.

A friend and I are starting on new socks on Tues night so I've got to finish this one before then (plus swatch for the new one once my new needles get here).